Ken Roussin

Ken Roussin, Metalsmith

Growing up in a family of tradesmen I learned early on how to work with my hands.  Consequently, I have always been drawn to the more physical side of art.

Working with metal has been a life long interest. I have experimented with jewelry making, bezel setting, fabrication, welding, casting, sculpture, working with found objects and even automobile restoration. When I discovered foldforming, a relatively new method of metal shaping, I knew I had found my niche.

In 2011, looking to expand my foldforming style, I worked with neon artist Lili Lakich. Lili taught me how to incorporate neon with foldforming and introduced color to my repertoire.  This prompted me to seek the help of enamel artist Suzanne Kustner. Through Suzanne I met Steve Artz, an enamelist and inventor, whose techniques have influenced my work.

My primary focus is foldformed sculpture, but all facets of the technique interest me.

The images below are examples of Ken’s work, sculptures are available for purchase at

#21. Copper,vitreous enamel and slate. 4″x6 1/2″

#20. Copper, vitreous enamel, ammonia patina & slate 4″x6 1/2″

#19b. Copper, rokusho patina and slate. 31/4″x6″

#23. Copper, vitreous enamel and slate. 4″x6 1/2″

#24. Copper, vitreous enamel, rokusho patina and slate. 4″x6 1/2″

#22. Copper, vitreous enamel, vinegar patina and slate. 4″x6 1/2″