Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis began his 34 year career in enameling at the John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, North Carolina ( in 1974.  He apprenticed under Gus and Maggie Masters, who were the resident enamel instructors.  In time, they became directors of the Folk School and made Tom resident enamelist.  He taught most of the classes offered by the school and hosted guest instructors. When not teaching he worked on producing a line of enamel jewelry and decorative giftware.

In 1985 he became employed with Thompson Enamel, Bellevue, Kentucky, as Glass On Metal (the enamelist’s magazine) editor, as well as technical consultant, and workshop instructor.  In 1987 he was involved in the organizing of The Enamelist Society, working on its first three biennial conferences, exhibitions and as one the first three trustees.

His enamel workshops have been held in many cities across the United States and in Venezuela, Trinidad, Canada and Australia.  He has written a project chapter and is technical editor for the bookThe Art of Fine Enameling by Karen Cohen.  Currently he is employed as resident artist, technical consultant and workshop instructor for Thompson
Enamel, Inc., and in his spare time, creates art jewelry and giftware.

Here is just a sample of some of Tom’s enamels.