Mary Raymond



Mary Raymond started enameling in the early seventies after attending night school for a couple of semesters to learn the basics. She began making torch fired jewelry pieces and was able to use the proceeds from her jewelry to purchase her first kiln.  From there, she has continued to build up a repertoire of various techniques, mostly self-taught or achieved through experimentation.

She attended many Enamellist Society conferences and workshops, both in the USA and Australia. By taking part in these ventures she has expanded her horizons enormously, giving her new ideas and direction. Mary attributes her biggest influences to Jenny Gore, Charles Lewton-Brain, & Harold Balazs.
Over the years she has had some major challenges with some very large commissions such as Terra Australis for the foyer of an insurance company, The Escarpment for the foyer of a hospital and Sails for a Barrier Reef resort. Her bowls and plates have been purchased by many visitors to Australia and have consequently traveled to many parts of the world. 
Mary belonged to the Enamellers Association based in Sydney and was also a member of The Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW. The Society has a beautiful gallery at the Rocks in Sydney and she has been selling her work there for many years. You can have a look at the website at the gallery is like a co-op. Mary also worked there 2 days a month.
Terra Australis 224 x 140cm
Terra Australis
The Escarpment 150 x 600cm
The Escarpment


Black Fish