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303L Medium Fusing Clear Transparent Liquid Form (dry) Base Coat

303L Medium Fusing Clear Transparent Liquid Form (dry) Base Coat   

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Liquid Form Enamels – Water Base

For spraying or dipping. Add water to thin if necessary. Can be mixed to create many colors. Ceramic pigments may be added to additionally create other colors. Will produce crackle effects when fired over low expansion enamels such as the crackle bases, 1006 White, 1020 White, 2008 Clear and 1997 Black.

This product is available in dry powder. It contains a workable blend of glass, clay, and electrolytes. You need to add only water. Colors can be intermixed when in liquid form to create new shades of color.

 Liquid Form Enamel was developed so that the enamel can be applied to a metal base by spraying, dipping, or pouring and in more recent times, applying with a brush. These application methods (except for brush application) were necessary in industry to mass produce enameled objects such as stove parts, washing machine tubs, pots & pans, etc. Liquid enamel’s formulation includes glass, clay & other mill additions which create a “set” in the liquid enamel after it has been applied & begins to dry.

Mixing Instructions for Dry Powder:
For small items a simple way to mix is to place a half teaspoon of powder into a plastic spoon. Using an eye dropper, add drops of water until the mixture is the consistency of ‘milk’. Apply to copper with a brush. Always make sure the powder and water have been stirred right before application as the glass falls out of suspension in the water very quickly.

For larger quantities, mix ¼ cup water to 5 oz. powder. To make a gallon of liquid, mix 14 lbs of powder to 2 quarts of water. The water to powder ratio may be adjusted up or down if needed for your particular project. If the liquid dries out, you can grind it back smooth in a mortar & pestle to re-constitute.

Tips for Using Liquid Form Enamels
1. Before application, always mix well as the glass quickly falls out of suspension in the water.
2. The water content is extremely important to the application firing result you get. Too little water & your result may look like cottage cheese. Too much water & the coating may fire dark with little color.

3. Colors can be intermixed when in liquid form to create new shades of color. 

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