Sunshine Painting Enamel

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Why Sunshine Enamels?

•Versatility-  Sunshine enamels can be used on a large array of surfaces including glass, metals, & porcelain and work well with mostly all glass including Bullseye & Spectrum.

•Easy to Use- Just mix the dry powder with an "enamel binder."  Sunshine enamels can be used like watercolors, acrylic, oil or in screen printing applications.

•Create Additional Colors- In addition to the 22 colors we offer, you can mix up to 20 more or create your own!  

Additional Resources-

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Want to learn more about painting with enamel?  

Gillie Hoyte Byrom has created a series of instructional ecourses, whether you are a beginner, novice, or expert, Gillie's painting enamel ecourses are easy to follow, and provide step by step instructions covering a comprehensive array of topics.  The only instruction better than the ecourses is taking one of Gillie's workshops in person!!! 
For more information on the ecourses please visit
Gillie's ecourses.   Check out Gillie's amazing protrait miniatures.  



Ultimate Sunshine Enamel Kit $135.00 


Indivdual Sunshine Enamel Colors  


3500 Reed Green (10 grams) - Product Image

3500 Reed Green (10 grams)

3501 Chrome Green (10 grams)  - Product Image

3501 Chrome Green (10 grams)

3502 Azure Blue (10 grams) - Product Image

3502 Azure Blue (10 grams)

3503 Lemon Yellow (10 grams) - Product Image

3503 Lemon Yellow (10 grams)

3504 Lamp Black (10 grams) - Product Image

3504 Lamp Black (10 grams)

3505 Slate Grey (10 grams) - Product Image

3505 Slate Grey (10 grams)

3506 Chestnut Brown (10 grams)  - Product Image

3506 Chestnut Brown (10 grams)

3507 Ochre (10 grams) - Product Image

3507 Ochre (10 grams)

3508 Polar White (10 grams) - Product Image

3508 Polar White (10 grams)

3509 Mandarin Yellow (10 grams) - Product Image

3509 Mandarin Yellow (10 grams)

3510 Bright Orange (10 grams) - Product Image

3510 Bright Orange (10 grams)

3511 Poppy Red (10 grams) - Product Image

3511 Poppy Red (10 grams)

3512 Cardinal Red (10 grams) - Product Image

3512 Cardinal Red (10 grams)

3513 Turquoise (10 grams) - Product Image

3513 Turquoise (10 grams)

3514 Fern Green (10 grams) - Product Image

3514 Fern Green (10 grams)

3515 Iron Red (10 grams) - Product Image

3515 Iron Red (10 grams)

3516 Cobalt Blue* (10 grams) - Product Image

3516 Cobalt Blue* (10 grams)

3517 Magenta* (10 grams) - Product Image

3517 Magenta* (10 grams)

3518 Purple Red* (10 grams) - Product Image

3518 Purple Red* (10 grams)

3520 Onglaze Flux (10 grams) - Product Image

3520 Onglaze Flux (10 grams)

3521 Purple* (10 grams) - Product Image

3521 Purple* (10 grams)

3522 Saffron (10 grams) - Product Image

3522 Saffron (10 grams)