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Blythe Enamel Assorted Transparent & Opaque Sample Kit - Product Image

Blythe Enamel Assorted Transparent & Opaque Sample Kit   

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Blythe Sample Kit

24 Assorted Colors
10 Gram Vials
Opaques & Transparents

Blythe Enamels for Copper, Silver, Gold, Iron and Steel. Blythe enamel is in the “medium fusing” range and should be fired at 1450 to 1550 degrees F. for approximately 2 to 4 minutes.

Blythe is a trademark of Milton Bridge Ceramic Colours Limited UK
This is currently a full production line of enamel.

All Enamel is lead bearing.

Color Samples Included In This Kit:


 A-31 Opal (tr)P-18 Cherry (op)  H-20 Vanilla (op)
 C-10 Diamond Flux (tr) K-62 Jade (tr) M-4 Amethyst (op)
 M-8 Rose Quartz (tr) L-17 Pacific (op) L-27 Sapphire (tr)
 H-22 Prairie (op) K-64 Willow (op) L-58 Hyacinth (op)
 N-4 Celadon (op) A-34 Coral (tr)  K-39 Emerald (tr)
 K-34 Lime (op)  H-51 Citrus (op)A-21 Ruby (tr) 
 L-56 Zircon (tr) V-4 Flax (op) R-5 Amber (tr)
 N-15 Peacock (op) A-25 Violet (op) P-15 Poppy (op)