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Hirosawa Painting Enamel Kit

Hirosawa Painting Enamel Kit   

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  • Temperature Range: Fire to between 1400 to 1475F
  • All colors except H-R (Red) and H-M (Light Magenta) are intermixable.  The red powder creates lead sulfide when mixed with other colors so it may darken undesirably. 
  • Black and White mix well with other colors. 
  • For Best Results: Allow time for the enamel to dry before firing
  • This product is lead bearing.
Kit includes each color in a plastic vial. 
Color  Grams 
H-GR (Green) 10
H-Bu (Blue) 10
H-Y (Yellow) 10
H-R (Red) 10
H-W (White) 10
H-B (Black) 10
HMG (Metallic Gold) 5
HMS (Metallic Silver) 5
HMB (Metallic Blue) 5
HMP (Pink) 5
H-M Light Magenta 5

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