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Mixed Floral Wafers

Mixed Floral Wafers   

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Floral wafers when fired melt into a beautiful flower pattern,
Can be used on Copper, Silver, Gold, Iron and Steel. 
Adhere with gum adhesive or on top of gummed dry enamel. 
Fire at 1500 degrees for 1-1/2 to 2 minutes. 
These are handmade, the process of making floral wafers 
involves several detailed steps, for that reason no two batches
are exactly the same.  The wafers are small 2-4 mm and spread
to about 5-7 mm once fired.  The "color name" is defined by the color
of the petals.  The center color may vary from the picture shown. 
These are sold in 5 gram packs approx. 100-115 pieces.

The pendant is not included, it is used as a representation of the
floral wafer.

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