Lead-Free MB Transparent

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Listing of Enamels
Vintage TE Opaque
Vintage TE Transparent
Ninomiya (Japan) Transparents
Ninomiya (Japan) Opaques
Ninomiya (Japan) Opalescent
Ninomiya (Japan) Semi-Opaque
Schauer Opaque Enamel
Schauer Transparent Enamel
Blythe Opaque Enamel
Blythe Transparent Enamel
Milton Bridge Opaque Enamel
Milton Bridge Transparent Enamel
Opalescent Enamel
Sunshine Painting Enamel
Lead-Free WG Ball Opaque
Lead-Free WG Ball Transparent
Wet Process/Dry Form Enamel For Copper
Wet Process/Dry Form Enamel For Steel
Lead-Free TE Opaque
Lead-Free TE Transparent
Lead-Free MB Opaque
Lead-Free MB Transparent
TE Lump
TE Bead Enamel
TE Vintage Bottles
Floral Wafers
TE Fusion Glass
Sample Kits
Copper Shapes
.999 Fine Silver Shapes
Hand-Spun Copper Forms
Metal Foils
Decal Paper for Metal Enamels

: These products can expose you to chemicals including cobalt, lithium carbonate, silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), titanium dioxide, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm (www.P65warnings.ca.gov).


Milton Bridge Lead-Free Transparent Enamel (50 mesh)

103 Light Rose (tr) - Product Image

103 Light Rose (tr)

104 Ruby (tr) - Product Image

104 Ruby (tr)

105 Amethyst (tr) - Product Image

105 Amethyst (tr)

106 Gold (tr) - Product Image

106 Gold (tr)

107 Dark Bronze (tr) - Product Image

107 Dark Bronze (tr)

108 Autumn Brown (tr) - Product Image

108 Autumn Brown (tr)

110 Light Sapphire (tr) - Product Image

110 Light Sapphire (tr)

111 Midnight Blue (tr) - Product Image

111 Midnight Blue (tr)

112 Warm Grey (tr) - Product Image

112 Warm Grey (tr)

113 Elf Green (tr) - Product Image

113 Elf Green (tr)

114 Celeste Green (tr) - Product Image

114 Celeste Green (tr)

115 Mallard Green (tr) - Product Image

115 Mallard Green (tr)

116 Turquoise (tr) - Product Image

116 Turquoise (tr)

119 Brown (tr) - Product Image

119 Brown (tr)

120 Blue Turquoise (tr) - Product Image

120 Blue Turquoise (tr)

121 Sapphire (tr) - Product Image

121 Sapphire (tr)

122 Amber (tr) - Product Image

122 Amber (tr)

123 Pearl Grey (tr) - Product Image

123 Pearl Grey (tr)

124 Bronze (tr) - Product Image

124 Bronze (tr)

125 Dove Grey (tr) - Product Image

125 Dove Grey (tr)

126 Electric Blue (tr) - Product Image

126 Electric Blue (tr)

127 Purple Grey (tr) - Product Image

127 Purple Grey (tr)

128 Blue (tr) - Product Image

128 Blue (tr)

130 Yellow (tr) - Product Image

130 Yellow (tr)

131 Grass Green(tr) - Product Image

131 Grass Green(tr)

132 Kingfisher Blue (tr) - Product Image

132 Kingfisher Blue (tr)

133 Smokey Grey (tr) - Product Image

133 Smokey Grey (tr)

134 Paprika (tr) - Product Image

134 Paprika (tr)