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Wet Process Enamels on Copper in Dry Form for Steel

Wet process enamels have proved over the last few years to be very popular, opening up a whole new range of effects. However, delivery costs can sometimes be prohibitive. The availability of the enamels in dry form overcomes this problem, just requiring the addition of water.

To achieve our recommended thickness of enamel, put 8 parts by weight of wet process dry powder into a suitable sized container then add 3 parts by weight of boiling water and stir until smooth, leave it to cool down and it is then ready to use. If you prefer, you can vary the powder to water ratio to suit your requirements.

Once a layer of sheet steel groundcoat has been applied to the steel and fired, all other wet process enamels and normal jewellery enamels can be used.

The method of production of the fired trials was as follows:-

The metal was degreased. Sheet steel groundcoat was applied by spraying. The enamels can also be dipped or the enamel applied with a soft brush. The enamel was dried and fired for 3 minutes at 1472F. One coat of wet process white was applied and fired at the same temperature, and then two coats of each colour were applied and fired to give a solid opaque colour. The actual size of the tile is 10cm c 10cm and the gauge of metal was 1.6mm

Steel Groundcoat 12559 - Product Image

Steel Groundcoat 12559

White 12541 - Product Image

White 12541

Black 12545 - Product Image

Black 12545

Ivory 12544  - Product Image

Ivory 12544

Yellow 12546 - Product Image

Yellow 12546

Deep Yellow 12549   - Product Image

Deep Yellow 12549

Red 12558 - Product Image

Red 12558

Orange 12557 - Product Image

Orange 12557

Purple 12556 - Product Image

Purple 12556

Jade 12553 - Product Image

Jade 12553

Celadon Green 12548 - Product Image

Celadon Green 12548

Dark Green 12554 - Product Image

Dark Green 12554

Light Brown 12551 - Product Image

Light Brown 12551

Sky Blue 12547   - Product Image

Sky Blue 12547

Royal Blue 12555 - Product Image

Royal Blue 12555

Chestnut Brown 12552 - Product Image

Chestnut Brown 12552

Grey 12550 - Product Image

Grey 12550


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